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                 PART 3

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - REMOTE ACCESS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


The Remote Access BBS-package has been written by Andrew Milner, and is released by Wantree Development. The current version of Remote Access (RA) is 2.01.

RemoteAccess should run on any IBM 80x86 compatible computer. The only two programs you will need in addition to the release package are DOS 3.x and a FOSSIL driver (the FOSSIL is a memory-resident program that many communications packages use to communicate with the modem). Two FOSSILs that have been successfully tested with RemoteAccess are Ray Gwinn's X00, and David Nugent's BNU. Either of these should be readily available from any local bulletin board. You will also need a modem that is capable of accepting Hayes-type commands. The minimum memory requirement is approximately 350K, but 512K is recommended.


At the time of this release, there's no known address (Internet, FidoNet, BBS, or `snail mail') provided for Andrew Milner. Any one with information on how to contact the author please send e-mail to BBSFAQ@AOL.COM or


The archive containing the Shareware version of Remote Access doesn't contain a separate list of features. The registered version does. It has one at the beginning of the manual that is sent to you after registration. You should keep in mind that this list is taken from the manual of the professional version, which differs from the registered shareware version in a few respects. Please refer to the registration topic of this section for an overview of the extra features of the professional version.

To find out which features aren't available in the non-registered version, you'll have to skim through the RA.DOC file you'll find in the RA_201 archive. The non-registered version isn't crippled in any way. The only difference is, it does not include a few features the registered version offers, but does not interfere with the BBS operation.


+ Full-screen integrated configuration environment. + Multi-node; supports up to 250 users concurrently. + Full Local Area Network (LAN) support including enhanced functions

under NetBIOS compatible LANs.

+ Support for DESQview, DoubleDOS, MultiLink, PC-MOS/386, TopView

and Windows multitaskers.

+ Support for detection and time-slicing for OS/2.2xx. + Supports multi-line on-line messages between nodes. + Full system and user audit security logging. + Support for the popular FidoNet technology. + Direct support for high speed modems up to 38,400 baud. + Full support for 16550 buffered serial I/O devices. + Built-in screen blanker while in "wait for call" mode. + Automatic remote ANSI detection (supports terminal programs that

are ANSI X3.64 compliant).

+ Support for Interactive EMSI automated log-on and user parameter

detection, eliminating the need for users to enter their name and
password at log-on.

+ XMS swapping support. + Support FAX/Modem operation and can be used in conjunction with

FAX software to receive incoming faxes as well as BBS callers.

+ Provision to create custom log entries using a menu function. + Supports the FSC-0035 Internet gating specification.


+ Databased file system providing fast responses. + Up to 65535 separate file areas, each with it's own configurable

set of characteristics including upload, download and file list 
security and flag settings, file group assignments, and more.

+ Supports the most popular file transfer protocols. + Full support for single and multi-disc CD-ROM devices used in the

file database.

+ Interface system to install up to fifteen external protocols. + Fully configurable file ratio system allows the Sysop to decide

what criteria must be met in order for users to download files.

+ Optional 'no download' peak hours time slot. + Optional 'upload reward' system. + Checks for duplicate uploads globally (configurable for each file


+ Optional scan for new files at log-on (with or without file tagging). + Ability to flag any file as free and/or password protected. + Ability to specify a list of known files which may not be uploaded. + Internal support for external bi-directional transfer protocols. + Provision that allows users to download a text file containing the

descriptions of their downloads.


+ 65535 seperate security levels. + 255 separate user groups which can be used to completely segregate

groups of users.

+ Security filter allows the Sysop to specify a list of undesirable

user names and phone numbers.

+ Provision for users to leave a message to the system operator after

a password log-on failure.

+ Optional forced password change every certain number of calls.


+ Each message area may be defined as local, EchoMail of NetMail area. + Full FidoNet point aware. + Full FidoNet nodelist support, including comprehensive on-line

browsing facilities.

+ Full outgoing NetMail accounting, and complete control over

individual destination node costing.

+ Two seperate message database formats (JAM and Hudson) can be

defined and used simultaneously.

+ Definable origin line and network address for each message area. + 'High-read' message marker maintained for every user in every area. + Full reply quoting capability, in both the full screen and internal

line message editors.

+ Ability for users to send files with messages to other users. + Group Mail feature allows users of a certain security level to post

'blanket' messages to users based on user group or security level.

+ Support for carbon copies within message areas. + Support for message and/or NetMail return receipts. + Provision to restrict access to message areas based on user age. + Combined message areas allow users to define their own 'folder' of

message areas.

+ Configurable message area status including private, public,

private/public, read-only and no-reply settings, applicable to each
individual message area.

Real-Time Conferencing

+ Full user-to-user chat capabilities. + Supports up to 125 seperate simultaneous conferences. + Extended managment functions for conference moderators.

External Program Support (Doors)

+ Ability to generate almost any required interface file. + Support for locked high speed modems. + 'Memory Swap' feature can swap the main program to XMS, EMS, or

disk file, leaving only 3 kilobytes resident during a shell.

+ Full support for the 52-line extended DOOR.SYS exit file standard.

System Operator On-Line Functions

+ Range of 'hot-key' functions available, including lockout, shell to

DOS, and log to printer.

+ Complete user attribute editor available or making changes to users

while they are on-line.

+ Provision to use alternate paging tunes. + Network manager utility provides complete control over a busy

multi-node system.

System Presentation

+ Fully multi-lingual (up to 100 languages). + Comprehensive script language for building custom interactive


+ Complete control over menus and general system layout. + Hotkeys or command-stacking selectable per user. + 'Shell to mailer' feature for quick startup from a front end


+ Full ANSI and AVATAR level 0+ terminal emulation support. + Global menu commands. + Comprehensive range of text files displayed automatically under

certain conditions.

+ Comprehensive set of text file control codes allow you to display

system and user data and change certain system settings directly
from within text files.

+ Support for 'once only' user bulletins at the system, message area

and file area levels.


You may try RA for a period of three weeks on a trial basis in order to determine it's suitability for your particular application. After this period you must register each copy of Remote Access that you run simultaneously. Multi-line installations that share a common file base and have the same name need only register one copy. Site and Group registrations are available, and are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Registration can be done in two ways, depending on the kind of system you are running. There is a shareware and a professional registration.

For a shareware registration a system must be physically run from a noncommercial site. A site is considered to be noncommercial only if it is a private residence at which no commercial activities are conducted.

NOTE: As of this release, the shareware version only supports a maximum of two (2) nodes. The Professional version supports up to 250.

Shareware Registration can be done at the following sites, at the following prices:

AUSTRALIA: AUD60 CANADA: CDN60 —————– ————– "Registration/RA" "Registration/RA" C/- Terry Harvey C/- Royce Jones PO Box 593 PO Box 1825 Burwood NSW 2134 Bracebridge ON AUSTRALIA CANADA Accepts VISACARD, MasterCard, BankCard

USA: $50 CONTINENTAL EUROPE: DM90 ——– ———————— "Registration/RA" "Registration/RA" C/- Ed Meloan C/- Frank Altenburg 1110 Terrace Circle Drive Wickopweg 9 North Augusta SC 29841 64289 Darmstadt USA GERMANY

ASIA: AUD60 or equivalent UNITED KINGDOM: GBP33 ————————- ———————- "Registration/RA" "Registration/RA" C/- Teo Chee Kian C/- FlightPath BBS PO Box 0685 PO Box 268 Bukit Merah Central Hounslow TW5 9PZ SINGAPORE 9115 UNITED KINGDOM

                             Accepts MasterCard,
                             Access, Visa

Cheques and money orders should be made payable to the person at your registration site.

Please include either a FidoNet address or a stamped, self-addressed envelope so that receipt of your payment can be acknowledged.

A professional registration applies to every system that is physically run from a commercial site (ie. the site is NOT a private residence, or commercial activities are conducted at the site). The professional version includes three modules that are not available in the shareware version: 1. Real-Time Conferencing - supporting up to 250 users concurrently,

 featuring public/private/password-protected conferences,
 conference moderators and sub-conferences.

2. RANETMGR - The RemoteAccess Network Manager, a utility designed

 to give you complete control over a busy multi-node system.
 Dynamically view the status of each node as users log on and off,
 what each user is doing, broadcast messages to any combination of
 nodes and automatically take any combination of nodes down for

3. RAEdit - A fully functional, specially customised and registered

 version of GEdit, a premium full-screen message editor.

The professional version supports up to 250 nodes and 100 languages, while the shareware version supports a maximum of eight languages and 2 nodes.

You can always get the latest shareware version of RemoteAccess and technical support from the following systems:

Terry Harvey Teo Chee Kian The Eagles Interact BBS Sydney AUSTRALIA SINGAPORE (02) 745 3190 V32 V42 +65 5817024 FidoNet@3:712/704 FidoNet@6:600/601

USA and Canada: (North American RemoteAccess Support group)

Bruce Bodger Geoffrey Booher The TruckStop BBS The Gateway Net BBS Tulsa OK Freeport IL 918 254 6618 815 233 5008 FidoNet@1:170/400 FidoNet@1:2270/233

Royce Jones Bob R. DAKIN BBS The Anonymous BBS Bracebridge Ontario Menomonee Falls WI 705 646 2726 414 251 2580 FidoNet@1:221/204 FidoNet@1:154/40

Mike Ehlert Jim Ray Pacific Coast Micro FileQuest Thousand Oaks CA Waco TX 805 494 9386 817 662 2361 FidoNet@1:102/1001 FidoNet@1:388/14

Jim Roe Ben Hamilton Middle Earth The Computer Connection Austin TX Copperas Cove TX 512 835 4848 817 547 7711 FidoNet@1:382/19 FidoNet@1:395/5

Anthony Haxton InterFace BBS Tulsa OK 918 665 3500 FidoNet@1:170/703

Europe and others: (European RemoteAccess Support Group)

Adrian Pop Can Dogancan Airtel Remote Access Skylight BBS Copthorne ENGLAND Istanbul TURKEY +44 342 717800 +90 1 414 3019 FidoNet@2:440/64 FidoNet@2:430/5

John barton Barnabas Michael Stenander The Caring BBS The Falcon BBS South Ockendon ENGLAND Frederiksberg DENMARK +44 708 670068 +45 31 87 63 35 FidoNet@2:257/168 FidoNet@2:231/19

Joerg Dassler Frank Altenburg RA Support HQ DIE BOX Darmstadt GERMANY GERMANY +49 911 752799 +49 6151 710809 FidoNet@2:2400/1 FidoNet@2:2405/1

Peter Hermann Ugo Uggetti DataComm I/II Venus Braunschweig GERMANY Pavia ITALY +49 531 13216 +39 382 579981 FidoNet@2:240/550 FidoNet@2:331/318

Matej Mihelic Ville Valpasvuo R.I.S.P. The Bermuda Triangle Ljubljana SLOVENIA FINLAND +38 61 199400 +358 14 434695 FidoNet@2:380/103 FidoNet@2:221/11

Peter Janssens Robert Soubie EasyBoard Venray Port de la Lune Venray THE NETHERLANDS Gradignan FRANCE +31 4780 12428 +33 56 89 51 12 Fidonet@2:512/1 FidoNet@2:324/1

Clive Jones Tony van den Bogaert C.A.L.M. Aquarius Alberton SOUTH AFRICA Antwerp BELGIUM +27 11 9001118 +32 3 3663457 FidoNet@5:7101/14 FidoNet@2:292/843

SWRAS (Swedish RemoteAccess Support Group):

Malte Erikson Johan Nilsson Odens Sal Starbase 42 Onsala SWEDEN Helsingborg SWEDEN +46 300 29436 +46 42 112714 FidoNet@2:203/302 FidoNet@2:200/212

Rolle Meltzer Mats Wallin The "TOWER" of Helsingborg FrontDoor Help Europe Helsingborg SWEDEN Hagersten SWEDEN +46 42 242480 +46 8 6453285 Fidonet@2:200/209 FidoNet@2:201/329

U.K. (United Kingdom RemoteAccess Support Group):

Mark Anderson Gary Smith Dregal RemoteAccess FlightPath +44 279 444433 +44 81 759 7775 FidoNet@2:257/605 FidoNet@2:254/99

Adrian Pop Mark Kerr Airtel Yukon Ho! +44 342 717800 +44 232 768163 FidoNet@2:440/64 FidoNet@2:443/59

Dave Parker Edward Hobson Frontier The Power House +44 737 778607 +44 829 782667 FidoNet@2:440/63 FidoNet@2:258/24


The shareware version of Remote Access 2.01 is available on the Internet at the following sites: - NIC.FUNET.FI (in /pub/msdos/communications/bbs/RA_201.ZIP); - FTP.WUSTL.EDU.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - RENEGADE =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Renegade is a bulletin board program written by Cott Lang for DOS systems. It can run on an 80186 in 285k ram, but a 386DX-25 with 2 megs RAM is a more adequate minimum. The actual full install minus any modifications is around one megabyte on a hard disk.


Messages Bases

+ Unlimited message length
+ Built-in QWK-Style Offline Mail System
+ Full Screen editor with powerful editing features
  or easy-to-use line editor

File Transfers

+ Convert incoming archives to the archive of your choice
+ Allows use of external scanning programs for virus protection
+ Use external and bi-directional protocols 
+ Automatically imports FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI descriptions

Easy & Configurable Front End Shuttle Logon

+ Makes it so new users can apply without seeing the actual system
+ QWK-Mail users can do their packet transfers without having to
  go through the entire logon process.

Local & Remote Sysop Control

+ Password protect local console and remote sysop functions
+ Complete system control from remote

Network Support

+ FidoNet support (node addresses) for message bases
+ QWK Defined message bases for QWK networking
+ Seperate taglines for each message base

Multi-Node Support

+ Supports Digiboard 8-node boards and networks
+ Maximize timeslicing under OS/2, Windows, and DesqView
+ Full-featured Teleconferencing system

Multiple Welcome and Menu Screens

+ Menus made in ANSI format with any ANSI drawing package
+ Easy modifications allow user-selectable menus
+ Random and daily menu display capability

Configurable Color Selections for Sysops and Users

+ Users can select from a predefined set of colors for various
  things such as message, prompt, and text color.

Emulation Support

+ Detects RIP, ANSI, AVATAR, and VT-100 on login
+ IEMSI auto-login detected

Online Doors

+ Generate one of 6 different drop files:


Third party utilities can be found at in /renegade or at many BBS's running Renegade. Some utilities include:

 + New User Voting - Users vote other users in
 + Security Robot - Random password, check new user information.
 + CDROM Utilities - Import FILES.BBS for quick uploading of CDROM
 + Network aids - Documentation for setting up FrontDoor,
   BinkleyTerm, etc.


Renegade is freeware. It may be freely distributed in unmodified form. The author has no objections to donations, however. A $25 donation is suggested, which gets a VIP account on his multi-node BBS.


Renegade is user-supported. A large international network of Renegade systems, the RGSNet, can be accessed from many Renegade systems for questions or comments. Forums on FidoNet are also dedicated to Renegade discussion.


Renegade is distributed in two ways: As a full install package for first time users, and also as an update package for existing Renegade setups. Be sure to get the right package. There is a serpate documentation file which first-time sysops should also get. The version is determined by the date of distribution, ie. Renegade 05-31 is the May 31, 1994 version.

Renegade can be found on Internet at in /renegade. It can also be freely downloaded from many BBS's running Renegade. Ask the sysop to make sure.

Other locations

Digital Frontier Library of Trantor Sysop: Cott Lang (author) Sysop: Ben Lineback Roswell, Georgia Douglasville, Georgia 1-404-955-5375 1-404-920-7711

The Midnight Run Excalibur's Realm Sysop: Rikk Streng Sysop: John Norman Washington, New Jersey W.Paterson, New Jersey 1-908-689-1754 1-201-256-0691

The Jungle The Dragon's Nest Sysop: Charles Bowman Sysop: Jesse Waldack Fayetteville, N. Carolina Bloomington, Minnesota 1-910-488-1954 1-612-887-2147

The Shed Sysop: Dave Sawford United Kingdom +44 (0)223 563468

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ROBOBOARD BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


Roboboard BBS is a Graphical user interface. In order for the users to connect to your BBS they will have to use a special terminal program. The program may be downloaded at the first connection. Opposed to other BBS's which have a graphical interface as an option (That is BBS who support RIP protocol), and can be used without the GUI, Roboboard is GUI only. There is no ANSI - Ascii option.

Technical info:

ROBO-BOARD v1.08 (PLUS)…………………… $55.00 (USA)

                                              $65.00 (CDN)
                                               80.00 (DM)

This version of Robo-Board is registered in the SysOps name. It features operation of up to 9 nodes.

ROBO-BOARD v1.08 (PRO).(w/KEY)…………….. $65.00 (USA)

                                              $75.00 (CDN)
                                              100.00 (DM)

Where Can I Download A ShareWare Version Of RoboBoard?

On the internet there are two versions. The Robo108 is not on any site currently. The Robo106 is on various sites. They differ in the configurable template screens which the 108 has and the 106 hasn't.

The program is currently available at /.3/garbo/pc/bbs as, with the terminal inside.

RoboBoard's Tech Support:

Author of RoboBoard BBS: Seth Hamilton

Support: NAME : The ROBO-BOARD HQ in Aylmer Quebec, Canada.

           SYSOP : Seth Hamilton
           LINE 1: 1(819)685-0957    1200-14400/v32bis/v42bis
           LINE 2: 1(819)685-6798    1200-14400 HST
           VOICE : 1(819)682-6670    (9:00-5:00 Mon EST)
           FAX   : 1(819)685-0994 
           MAIL  : 62:6200/0 (WorldNET)

Looking at the pro's & con's of RoboBoard


1) On contrary to other packages Robobard sysops can view the graphics


2) The quality of the graphics is VGA ⇔ EGA 3) Supports a standard Hudson message base for networking. 4) Offline Mail option Using Silver Xpress version 4.01, which comes

 with it's built in graphic screens.

5) Drawing, and planning menus is very easy and intuitive. 6) Installation is very simple, and takes about 5 minutes to get the

 BBS up and running.

7) Built in DeskView support. 8) Supports dorinfoX.def doors 9) Will run on a 286 and higher. The FX needs a 386 on both the sysop

 and the users' side.

10) Built in Split screen chat 11) Supports speed up to 38000 12) Registered version will support up to nine nodes, including built

  in IRC like chat.

13) Comes in with predefined screens resembling a nice "Windows " look. 14) Supports one channel music.


1) Security and other configurable options are not part of the

 configuration and are determined in a separate file.

2) Message handling is weak. Only full quoting of the text is possible. 3) Not many doors available for the Graphical format. 4) Some of the optional files and screens disabled in the Shareware


5) Limited command options. You will have to build your screens with

 few commands as options.

=-=-=-= RYBBS =-=-=-= - Info for RyBBS will be available in future versions

of the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-= SAPPHIRE BBS v4.05 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-= - More info for Sapphire BBS will be available

in future versions of the BBS FAQ.

Pinnacle Software BBS, (514)345-8654 Support for Sapphire BBS Software Timothy Campbell/Pinnacle Software, Montreal, Quebec

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SPITFIRE BBS v3.4 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-= - Info for SpitFire BBS will be available in future versions of the


=-=-=-=-=-=-= SUPERBBS =-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for SuperBBS will be available in future versions

of the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Synchronet BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Synchronet BBS will be available in future versions

of the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=- TAG BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=- - Info for TAG BBS will be available in future versions of

the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-= TELEGARD =-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Telegard BBS will be available in future versions

of the BBS FAQ.

-=-=-=-= TRIBBS -=-=-=-= - Info for TriBBS will be available in future versions

of the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-= TURBOBOARD =-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for TurboBoard BBS will be available in future versions

of the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-= - UltraBBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=


UltraBBS has been in BBS business since '90. The main programmer

is currently Craig Baker, a professional programmer who also runs a computer store in Boulder, CO. UltraBBS is a shareware DOS program and registration is required after a reasonable trial period of 30 days. Registration price is currently $75. UltraBBS isn't crippled in any way, so all you get when registering is your name in the login screen. Main features include a very powerful B-tree index which is used for very quick filebase searches, built-in message encryption, internal QWK system and all the usual things. There are several third party utils for UltraBBS, for example several bulletin generators, filebase managers, filelist generators etc. For the latest utils, here's the contact info:

Craig Baker email

BBS: UltraBBS HQ EuroUBBS support Pinecliffe UBBS Underground UBBS (303) 642-7463 +358-39-374265 (ZyXEL 19k2) (303) 642-0703 +358-39-374719 (USR 21k6) (303) 642-0971 +358-39-374823 (Zoom 28k8) v32b/HST, 16 nodes +358-39-374311 (ringdown)

snailmail address:

Craig Baker PO Box D. Pinecliffe, Colorado USA 80471

Where Can I download UltraBBS

UBBS files can also be retrieved from /pub/bbs/msdos/ultrabbs. For internet users, please use the address for questions instead of the author's address for a quicker reply. The current version is now UltraBBS II v3.01 revision B, filename

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - VBBS/Virtual BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for VBBS will be available in future versions of the


———— Continued in next message ———

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