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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Charisma BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Charisma BBS will be available in future versions of the


=-=-=-=-=-= - DLX BBS =-=-=-=-=-=


DLX has been sold commercially for years, it is now available as freeware/public domain program.

DLX runs on MS-DOS and supports up to 32 telephone lines at once on a single computer. It is a social BBS. On a social BBS, the main activity (in addition to file uploading and downloading), is interacting with other callers by chatting or exchanging email. DLX supports two kinds of email, public and private, and two kinds of chatting, one-on-one chatting and Open Forum (group chat), plus questionaires and a matchmaker.

Where Can I download DLX?

DLX is available for anonymous FTP from: /pub/dlx/ /pub/mirrors/msdos/bbs/ /mirror/msdos/bbs/ /pub/msdos/bbs/ /micros/pc/oak/bbs/ /pc/dos/bbs/ /pub/simtel/bbs/

If you prefer to download it over a telephone line, you can get it from the DLX Support BBS at (206) 525-0995.

A note from the author of DLX:

The complete source code for DLX in the zip file. DLX is written in Microsoft Pascal and MASM. Nothing would please me more than to have some kid in his bedroom write the next great social BBS. You are free to use this source code for any purpose. You may modify it and make your own BBS program, and even copyright and sell your modified version.

Happy BBSing!

Contacing the author of DLX:

Richard Gillmann, Programmer Inner Loop Software

=-=-=-=-=-= - EISBBS =-=-=-=-=-=


EIS is a complete remote information manager. A remote information manager is a program that allows people who own modems to call your modem and download information, send, receive, and reply to E-Mail. Operate programs that run on your computer from theirs, view catalogs, place orders, talk to the system operator (ie: You), and more.

While EIS offers all these services to the people who call your modem, you have complete control over who has access to what parts of your system. You can control access to specific message bases, menus, commands, file directories, and even individual files. If you wish, you can configure the system so only the people that you have already assigned passwords to will be able to access the system at all.

Where Can I download EIS?

EIS is currently available on America Online as EISBBS.ZIP.

Who is the Author?

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-= - EXECUTIVE HOST FOR TELIX =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Executive Host for Telix will be available in future

versions of the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - FALKEN BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


Falken BBS is a multi-user BBS supporting 64 lines from one PC. Very simple to set up. The latest version is 6.69b.


For Checks/mo in US Funds: Info*Share Inc. P.O Box 1501 Woodbridge, VA 22193 Voice: 703-749-2889

Accepting MasterCard, VISA and Discover. Ordes Mailed 2nd Day Mail.


Falken 6.69B 2 liner $99 Falken 6.69B 4 liner $199 Falken 6.69B 8 liner $299 Falken 6.69B 16 liner $399 Falken 6.69B 32 liner $499 Falken 7.0 upgrade $70 Maintenance Renewal 1yr $60 Remote Console Door $50 Match Maker Door $35 FFAT Door $60 Scavenger Hunt $35 GDB Door $30

Info*Share, Inc. is the developer and can be reached via their BBS at 703-749-2889.


Falken BBS can be ftp'd from the SimTel archives at in the SimTel/msdos/falken subdirectory: - Part 1 of 2 - Part 2 of 2


1. CHESS This is the traditional multi-player Chess game. It allows many of the chess features found in tournament Chess. Features: - RIPscript, ANSI or ASCII play - Play users across on other BBS's thru F-NET - Falken "stealth user" support - Two player interactive online playing - Move-and-wait offline playing - Logon door to alert users of pending moves - Sysop can delete games online - Allows chatting during play - Castling/and en-passant - Scores are maintained - Multi-player "share.exe" support - News file support

2. BACKGAMMON This is the traditional multi-player Backgammon game. Features: - ANSI play - Falken "stealth user" support - Two player interactive online playing - Move-and-wait offline playing - Logon door to alert users of pending moves - Sysop can delete games online - Allows chatting during play - Doubling cube is provided - Winners get BackGammon, Gammon, or single win - Scores are maintained - Multi-player "share.exe" support - News file support

3. CHAT This is a two user character-by-character chat door. Features: Word Wrap - Any ASCII/ANSI combination of users - Falken "stealth user" support - Turn off pages/sends

4. BULLETIN REPLACEMENT This is a bulletin.exe replacement. It allows RIP/ANSI/ASCII customized bulletin menus, continuous read, ability to abort text per page (on the non must-read). Can run as a logon door to force user into bulletins to read must-reads bulletins, and to ask user if he wants to read updated bulletins. Fixed a bug from the original bulletin!

5. FALFILE V3.+ This is a Falken Directory automator. If you have a directory that you want to make a DLOADADD file for, just run Falfile on this directory and it creates a DLOADADD readable text file. It automates filename text entry. Now, it will also optionally read in FILES.BBS and convert to DLOADADD format. This is handy for CD ROMs and for those converting from Opus BBS. Includes a Top Ten downloads list maker, and a New Files Since Date maker.

6. CREDIT CARD DOOR If you sell merchandise (products, shareware doors, or subscriptions to your BBS) via MasterCard or VISA, this is a very useful door. It features 3 doors in one, and support for logon doors and user activated doors for those already online. Features: - It can remind users that they need to subscribe. - Entries are places in account number log file. - The whole door is customized with a simple text files. - CEO support for checking/editing orders while online. - Registered option download password support. - Search via begin/end dates. - Optionally save reports to output file. - Multi-player "share.exe" support.

7. SHOWTEXT REPLACEMENT This door is a showtext.exe replacement. It figures out if the user is ANSI or not and displays an RIP, ANSI or ASCII file. Has the ability to display a filename based on the line number of the caller. Another option is the ability to logoff a user on specific lines after displaying a text file for certain levels. Sometimes non-paying members need to be limited to certain lines. Recently updated to support special "@" commands for internal user/account/system information (ie. @address to display the user's address).

8. WWiV DOOR LOADER This door allows you to run WWiV (chain.txt) doors in Falken. The 3rd party doors must use the FOSSIL, support multiple users and have an option to disable screen writes. Documentation shows some sample WWiV doors. Currently supported on Falken v6.43 and up.

9. DOOR.SYS DOOR LOADER This door allows you to run games written specifically for DOOR.SYS under Falken. Pascal programmers can now write doors for Falken. Supported under Falken 6.43 and up. Recently updated for locked ports, and no write to display option in DOOR.SYS.

10. DIALOUT DOOR This is a multi-purpose door. It allows sysops and users to dial-out to other boards or for linking another BBS to Falken with a NULL modem cable. New in version 2.0, added DialHOST and DialMENU which seamlessly transfers DOOR.SYS and CHAIN.TXT files thru the NULL modem cable using XMODEM CRC, the user then is brought to a menu which selects doors. DialMENU uses the FOSSIL and is compatible with SIO and X00. In console mode the sysop may link Western TLCF, Falken TLCF, download XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM and upload ZMODEM, XMODEM and much more. This is menu based and even checks for BUSY signals. Recently updated for Falken V6.65.

11. BIRTHDAY DOOR This door automatically generates a monthly birthday text file which can be viewed at logon or in a menu. This door also notifies who's birthday is today and congratulates them. This door also acts as a Backgammon and Chess move logon checker, and can operate in stealth (hidden) mode.

12. WESTERN TELECONFERENCE Replaces or adds another Falken Tlcf. A developers kit is available to program doors for Western. Scavenger hunt and High-Low Game are included as Western doors. Allows actions to be customized, RIPscript, and features the best linking EVER! Links support .netwho (see who is on the other systems), .netpage to page users on other BBS's, network aware actions and private whispers through the net and much more! A special .kiss action has randomn 5 customized displays. The whole tlcf is customized by editing configuration files. Scavenger hunt room descriptions can now be customized as well. Make your Falken BBS come alive with real daisy-chain linking with other Falken boards (can even link on DELPHI and MajorBBS!). The linking was recently updated to allow MULTI-CHANNEL links!

13. PUBLIC SCHOOL #13 A neat school where you can throw desks, hit students, throw spitwads, and generally have fun! You need western tlcf main module. This door has a cost saving license. You are allowed to use PS #13 on multiple Western TLCFs on your one BBS for free. PS #13 was recently upgraded to run as a Western Door (freeing up memory).

14. CERTIFICATE AUTO-CREDITS This program allows you to generate a 12 character certificate, sell or give the certificate to customers and they enter the number inside Falken to auto-upgrade their account. You set the options that the program upgrades them with. This program also includes a label printer/maker and 500 entry randomn certificate generator for those without a printer.

15. 900 DOOR/AUTO CREDITS This door is a logon door. You set what line is your 976 or 900 number, then when someone calls that number and logs on successfully it automatically gives them a set number of credits and hangs up on them. Has two new modes of auto-crediting. The first is the option to give some credits to all users once per day, and the seconds is the option to only give credits to people who have zero credits.

16. ACCOUNT UTILITY (transfer credits) This door on credit based systems allows users to transfer credits to users online/ or offline. It will email users with a note if they are offline. A minimum amount of credits is an option to disallow free credits transfer.

17. SCAN MESSAGE BASES This allows users to scan messages base for new messages and display the subject message base and message number.

18. MORE MENUS Allows you to replace GFILES and have a way to display text messages. Some text files are not well suited for Bulletins. Concert schedules, USA Today, Top Ten lists, and help files. Now you may run regular Falken doors through more menus and have unlimited Falken menus!

19. ZMODEM SEND (with CD ROM support) This door is a zmodem send replacement for Falken. It copies CD ROM files to disk before transferring to speed up multiple CD access.

20. UPGRADE DOOR A must for Falken sysops! This door allows sysops to upgrade (validate) users online. Allows welcome to this bbs automated email, fuzzy logic, total configuration, online validation as well as offline, 20 different selections, VERY easy to use.

21. SWITCH (BBSCFG Debugger and Menu Switcher) This program outputs the bbscfg.dat file into a human readable text file. This text file can then be uploaded for support personnel or printed out for reference purposes. "Switch" also allows you to switch Falken menu entries.

22. ACCOUNT RENAMER (fneta) This program renames a directory full of similar filenames (those beginning with account number) easily. For example, some 3rd party doors uses account numbers filenames to keep track of user options. On my system they begin with "tmw" and when when switching to "col" I ran this program as "> fneta tmw col".

23. INTER-WALL for FALKENET This is a multi-BBS wall for FALKENET V3.01. FALKENET (product of Mark Manes and Duane Waddle) is a "Fidonet similar" net email, message base and programmers interface for Falken BBS. Inter-Wall uses FALKENET to deliver graffiti to BBS's across the country. Each BBS shares a common set of graffiti. RIPscript support!

24. CBV (Callback Verifier) - FALKEN 6.65+ SPECIFIC Allows users to validate themselves by having the BBS call and ask for password. All the user has to do is type "ATA <ENTER>" when he hears the phone ringing. CBV verifies the phone number according to local, metro or long distance area codes and exchanges which are site configurable. A logon, menu and phone number checker (stripper) are included with examples. Falken V6.65+ specific door.

25. Email Utility Allows Sysops/Subops to read/delete and maintain email while online.

26. MSGPURGE Utility Run in nightly maintenance mode to kill those dead threads in the message bases… Easy and powerful.

27. 900 Service Door (TABS) A Falken 900 service door which upgrades users accounts, has built-in maintenance, and gives information on how to use the 900 Service provided by TABS (Telephone Access Billing System). For more info on TABS call voice (800) 755-8227 or BBS (407) 722-3406.

28. Falken EchoReader (FidoNet) Features: - EchoReader supporting *.MSG formatted messages. - Supports SQUISH type messages. - Fast nodelist searching using Version7 Nodelist. - RIPscript integrated message base. - Jeditor full-screen editor support. - Quoting of replies supported. - Multi-line support using file locking. - User High message read kept in sync in special FDU files. - External falrenum.exe program to renumber and sync HM. - Nfind.exe door utility to search information in V7 Nodelist. - Intro "welcome" screen for ANSI/ASCII and RIP users. - Realnames optionally set to mandatory or per user preference. - Limit users to areas. - Require realnames in some message areas.

29. Falken Deluxe QWK Features: - Full featured QWK and REP program. - Email, Falken Message Base, Bullnew/Falken Bulletin support. - Falken EchoReader support! - Large Fidonet Message Size (65535 x 128 bytes). - Falken Message Base/Email limited to 8192 bytes. - Logon/Logoff and news files. - New Uploads listed. - PKZIP V1.1 and 2.04G support - When Downloading QWK marks bulletins as read, messages as read, - email as read, acks email from sender. - When Uploading REP automatically updates files immediately. - Download supports Xmodem/Ymodem/Zmodem sends - Upload supports Xmodem/Ymodem/Zmodem receives

30. Falken Super CD ROM Features: - Separate Database per CD ROM - Can mark CD ROM as ONLINE or OFFLINE - If CD ROM is OFFLINE, user may mark messages for email downloading. - If CD ROM is ONLINE, user may download immediately. - Can easily switch CD ROMs and while online send files. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-= - FEATHERNET PRO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-= - Info for Feathernet pro will be available in future versions of

the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-= - FIDOBBS =-=-=-=-=-= - Info for FidoBBS will be available in future versions of the


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-= - FREESPEECH BBS v3.10a =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-= - Info for FreeSpeech BBS will be available in future versions of

the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - HARMONY BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Harmony BBS will be available in future versions of

the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - ILLUSIONS BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Illusions BBS will be available in futrue versions of

the BBS FAQ.

=-=-=-=-=-= - JETBBS =-=-=-=-=-= - Info for JetBBS will be available in future versions of the


=-=-=-=-=-= - KBBS =-=-=-=-=-=


* Advanced user graphics handling for ANSI and RIP modes, including

dynamic questionaires, menus, mode conversion and more.

* Based on AWC's Command Sequence language you have complete control

over the structure of your BBS.  Included are SEQ and display files
to allow SysOps to run a WildCat or PCBoard look and act BBS's.

* Multi-node, no limit to the number of simultaneous nodes.

* SysOp local console RIP viewing without CPU overloading, even on

multinode systems.  Displays what the user sees, during idle time.

* Multitasker aware and Self Aware. Built in thread-level

multitasking allows user to be doing something while tasks are
processing (such as scanning .QWK & copying files from CD-ROM).

* Handles up to 32,700 conferences, each individually configurable for

alias/real name, local/private/force echo/etc, conference joining
requirements, file attachments, carbon copies, much more.

* User driven dynamic conference base.

Users create and join their own conferences, which have files,
bulletins and more, all under SysOp defined limitations and 
strict control.

* SysOp may force users to read new private mail upon login.

* Duplicate message and duplicate upload file checking, and upload

file processing, including SDI/DIZ importing & .GIF validation.

* All databases are encrypted with SysOp chosen 70 digit encryption


* All databases use AWC's compression engine for up to 16:1

compression, although effective compression averages 3:1.

* All databases have SysOp definable data elements for each record.

* Multi-Level conference and file section grouping (headings, sub-

headings, sub-sub-headings, etc).  SysOp utilities allow easy
management of conferences and files.

* Alias and Real-name modes, configurable by conference. KBBS can

also handle multiple users with the same name or alias (SysOp   

* Includes QWK/REP mail and echo (net) mail, easy conference setup

with mistake checking (no more cross-posting!).  User defined    

* Inter-node chatting, public and private, group chatting.

* Built-in call back verifier.

* New files scanning by (1) File date or by (2) Upload date.

* 14 internal protocols, including Zmodem and Kermit. CD-ROM support

for copy-before-download.

* Powerful event scheduling, and idle-time events (background

maintenance that happens while the BBS is waiting for calls or
even while the user is online).

* Door drop files for PCBoard 14.x, WildCat 2.0, RBBS, and GAP

(Door.sys). Door menus optionally show only doors that support the
user's detected graphics mode(s).

* KBBS takes advantage of EMS, XMS, and DPMI to cache, overlay

and swap.

* User time/download byte bank with loans, repayment schedule and

interest, automatic withdrawls (when flagging files for download),     
"overdraft protection" and automatic deposit upon logoff 
(all of these are SysOp definable).


Minimum Setup suggested:

An 80286 CPU 512K RAM 8 Megabytes of disk space for KBBS More disk space to store files and conferences A serial modem, 300 to 115200 baud.

For better performance, the following hardware is suggested:

EMS, XMS or DPMI memory A 386, 486 or Pentium CPU

SysOps wishing to view RIP graphics on the local console should have a VGA, EGA, IBM8514, MCGA or Hercules Graphics adapter and monitor, and 600K of free conventional memory. A math coprocessor is also highly recommended.

Runs under DOS; multitasking OS (OS/2, DESQview, etc.) required for multi-node operation.


The following disabilities have been installed in order to build an incentive to register KBBS:

  • Phase 1 Unregistered versions of KBBS will cease to

operate after Dec 31st, 1994.

  • Limited to 3 operating nodes.
  • A tagline stating "Licensed for 30 day evaluation" is

appended to all outgoing net taglines.

  • Pre-login "support shareware" message and delay.

Registration gives you the following benefits:

- Free upgrades to all versions 2.xx

 (this WILL include FTS support in later 2.xx versions)

- A commercial copy, complete with disks and printed manuals when

 this becomes available

- Unlimited e-mail technical support via the AWC conferences and

 the AWC BBS (801-489-7910)

Registering KBBS:

Price: $129 (plus sales tax in UT and CO).


To register, send a check or money order to;

ANDERSON-WILLIAMS KBBS Registration 154 West 400 North Springville, Utah 84663-1010

Where Can I Download KBBS?

Version 2.0P of KBBS shareware BBS is available via ftp from: in the /ftp/pub/tcsmith directory.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-= - MAXIMUS v2.01wb =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-= - Info for MAXIMUS v2.01wb will be available in future versions of


=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Mutant BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Mutant BBS will be available in future versions of the


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - OPUS CBCS 1.73a =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Opus CBCS 1.73a will be available in future versions of the


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-= - OSIRIS XLT BBS SOFTWARE =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=


Osiris XLT BBS Software requires: 386 or higher CPU 350K of Memory Color Monitor Mouse


- Annoymous FTP

Location :,

- Fidonet File Request

Location  :
Magic Name:  OSIRIS

- Direct Downloading

Location:  Genesis
Phone   :  (314) 686-0120

Phone Technical Support : (314) 686-0154


- Full support for multi-line operation of 999 nodes. - Support for MULTI-PORT serial cards such as Digiboard, Stargate,

AST, and others.

- Eighteen additional internal, available to your callers,

statisical functions.

- Integrated support for RIP graphics. Nearly every function

has a custom RIP counter part. Over 200 built-in Rip
screens and custom icons; including scatter charts, fuel gauges, 
exploding pie charts, windows like message editor, text viewer,
and message reader.

- Built-in ICON, JPEG, voice/sound manager. Automatically detects who

you are, after the first call, and automatically logs you on.

- Fidonet style NETwork matrix mail. - Built-in Online Store. - Ability to change the internal text prompt and colors. - Support for Novel, 3-Com, Lantastic, and several other Network


- Support for Bi-directional protocols such as HS-Link and Bimodem. - Fast B-Tree indexing. - Completely reconfigure the system menus, commands & display screens, - During log-in process without the caller knowing anything about it.

You can have a different looking system for different groups.

- Build subsystems and select commands via a mouse driven

master maintenance and configuration program, OSM.

- Flexible security levels and user defined compare methods, including

the commands themselves.

- Set the node, time of day, and even the day of the week for every

single command, display file, SPL/I command file, or external

- Command billing system. You can charge the caller on a command

bases. When he or she selects a command, the amount you define is
deducted from their credit.

- Support for up to 115,200 baud modems. - Unlimited number of display files. - SPL/I, a C like programming language. Comes complete with multiple

stage three pass compiler and linker. Generates highly compressed
single byte object modules.

- Message features include reply, carbon copy, return receipt,

attach file to message.

- Stand alone sysop message editor. Sysop does not have to

log-on to read and reply to mail.

- Automated maintenance system does the following:

1) Generates new file lists.
2) Generates file request lists
3) Manages message areas. Removes deleted msgs and keeps areas 
   within a certain number of messages.
4) Manages history logs
5) Automatically posts System Bulletins on certain days.
6) Automatically posts messages in specific message areas on certain
7) Cleans up old system bulletins.
8) Converts new uploads to correct archive format.
9) Removes BBS ADs from new uploads.

10) Adds your own BBS AD to new uploads 11) Adds archive comments to new Uploads 12) Can remove files from selected areas that have not

   been downloaded in XX days.

13) Delete callers that have not called within XX days. 14) Delete zapped caller, those with access level 0. 15) Manages upload and download database logs. 16) Can run other application on specific days. 17) Can do a system wide virus scan. 18) Can do a system wide file integrity check to detect

   files (EXE, COM, OVERLAYS) that may have been altered
   by a new virus.

19) Daily maintenance report to the sysop listing all maintenance

   activity as well as calls, downloads & uploads.

- Full ANSI graphics support in menus, display files, and SPL/I

command files.

- User definable B-tree databases. - User definable memo databases. - User definable D-Base style picture input prompts. - Support for CD-ROM drives. - Automatic caller notification of System bulletins based

on the callers last time on-line and the date the system bulletin
was posted.

- Define your own method of doing system bulletins. - Single line file descriptions with optional 99 line extended file


- Built-in automatic virus scan on any newly uploaded file. - Scans new uploads for ANSI bombs. If one is found, the upload

is rejected.

- Automatic archive integrate checking. - Auto-Detects file_id.diz and other embedded description files and

auto-adopts them as extended descriptions.

- View the contents UC2, ZIP, ARJ, SQZ, ARC, ZOO, and LHARC files. - View a text file inside a UC2, ZIP, ARJ, SQZ, ARC, ZOO, or LHARC


- Nest subsystems 32,732 levels deep. - Single entry hotkeys. - Stack up to 40 commands on a single line. - Full screen ANSI/Wordstar compatible editor. - Full screen mouse, scroll bar, icon driven message editor. - Line editor with quoting. - Upload messages using any protocol. - Three built-in (no doors required) Offline readers;

TNT (Internet compatible), QWK, and Bluewave.

- Select only the message areas you want to read. - Subdivide message areas into categories. - Subdivide file area into categories. - Define access levels on individual files in the same file area. - Select up to 4096 files for downloading at once. Files can be mixed

from different file areas.

- Automatic notification of new uploads. - Automatic new private mail notifications system. - Automatic new conference mail notifications system. - OSM automatically scans and displays new uploads to the sysop. No

more having to hunt them down.

- Two time billing systems. One works on date, the other works on

time spent online.

- Download billing system. bills user based on downloads. - Extract and rearchive individual files. - Hooks for an unlimited number of external application such as online

games. Just click and enter the name of the program.

- Built-in time and kilobyte banking system with ATM. Automatic

withdraw if you need time or kilobytes to complete a download or
log onto the system.

- Built-in call back verification system. - Unlimited number of external file transfer protocols, batch files

are not required.

- Define your own startup sequences, i.e. what Osiris does as

soon as the caller types in his name and password.

- Define your own new user sequences, i.e. what Osiris does

after the caller enters his or her user record information.

- Define your own logoff sequences, i.e. what Osiris does when the

caller selects to logoff.

- Auto file recovery. If you lose carrier or hangup and have files

selected for downloading, Osiris will remember what those files were
and automatically add them to the download queue when you call back.

- Prodigy style rotating Rip AD system. Completely configurable. - Time Slicing Support for Desqview, Windows 3.1 and OS-2. - ANTI-OLD File Uploads. You can specify a year and a percentage and

Osiris will check the date stamp on new uploads and if it finds the
percentage of files contained in the archive are older than the
allowed date, the upload is rejected.

- InterBBS Echomail utilities featuring built-in areafix, Echomail

notification system, EID dupe checking, backup CRC dupe checking,
MSGID dupe checking and a multiple level echo security system
including packet level passwords.

- Echomail billing system. - QWK echomail utilities. - Custom Internet applications include: Ftpmail server, list server,

newsgroup import/exporter, E-Mail, KIS interface, and Telnet.

- UTI utilities.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - PHOENIX BBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Info for Phoenix BBS will be available in future versions of the


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - QUICKBBS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - More Info for Quick BBS will be available in future versions

of the BBS FAQ.

QuickBBS Support BBS (407)896-0494 Product Support for QuickBBS Software Richard Creighton/Steve Gabrilowitz, Orlando, FL —– continued in next message —–

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