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Argus "Hackers" : Scraping the bottom of the barrel…

Okay, so here I am chillin' on Argus when this kid named "Hackerboy" logs on.. Oh boy, I say to myself, isn't he cool? Anyway, I was bored, so I figured I might as well harrass him a bit, and ask him some questions, so, here is the interview with this sucker.

All the {} quotes are by me.

K=Kingpin H=Hackerboy

*–* 04-02-92 - 15:24:18 *–*

K: So, tell me what your definition of hacking is..

H: Well, ppl who crack passwords, and enter places where they

 know that the place there on traces, but they are so good that 
 they can avoid it, ppl who are quick with commands like on     
 UNIX and then there are ppl who hack programs, they mess       
 around with them, change them, make them do somthing else,     
 screw them up or turn them inot viruses {This kid is pretty  
 bright, eh?}

K: How old are you?

H: 13

K: How long have you had a computer?

H: Not long, my parents wouldnt buy me one for a long time, only

 about 9 months

K: Why do you hang out on Argus all the time, and why do you want

 to hack? 

H: Well I like to hang on Argus cuz {I'm a dork, and} there are

 ppl to talk to alot of them about different things, and I want
 to hack because its very usefull, and you can get usefuil    
 records, and change them, may sund stupid but thats one of the
 main resons

K: Do you think you are cool because you want to hack?

H: Nope,, I just want to.

K: What kind of records and stuff like that do you want to get??

 credit reports??

H: I'm not sure, but not any thing TOO illeagal {cause I'm a


K: Who told you about hacking?

H: I dont know, i have know about it for a while, but if you mean

 who taught me, I have a freind who hang on the internet, and   
 he hacks a little and also packrat 
 taught me a little

K: Who is the kid on the internet?

H: Well he goes………..why the hell should I tell you?

K: Just give me his handle, not his life story..

H: Fine hegoes by the handle of kngtut, or kingtut, on argus it

 is kng i think {This Kingtut kid is fun to talk to, too.}

K: So what kind of stuff do you hack?

H: God, not very like hi security stuff, my self i dont do much

 hacking, but soon i will have an account to the internet so    
 that will help, he (kngtut) just hacks low class stuff,        
 nothing big.

K: Does he know what he is doing?

H: Yeah sort of, he know how to handle a UNIX well his dad is

 like a computer genuis, he makes all sorts of stuff, and even  
 he gets the new systems for mac, months before anyone else, he 
 help make them too. {This guys dad sounds cool!}

K: What boards do you guys call?

H: We dont call alot of places, not real hardcore hacking BBS

 just the works, tavern, and this pyro board. no real BBS's {Oh
 shit Ferret, he said your board wasn't a real BBS.}

K: What is your handle on the works?

H: I think oh, no its……I'm not sure why the hell im telling

 you this stuff but its um, ming i think

K: What do you think I am going to do, go to your house and rape


H: Just cuz, i mean you might know the sysop, or be the sysop and

 you might get me kicked off., im very paranoid {Kick this dork
 off, Ferret}

K: So what systems have you gotten into?

H: As i may remind you i am more of a program hacker, although I

 am learning to hack, but i dont really know much so far.

K: Oh.. what is a program hacker?

H: I told you I screw with programs and change them, or put

 viruses into them, if i want, i change the program and stuff   
 and in some games, i can take a saved game, like in kings      
 quest 5 and put my self at the end with every object, which is 
 fun. {So I can win lots of times! Yay!}

K: Oh.. by the way, how old is King Tut?

H: Hmm, around 12

K: So do you get a lot of copyrighted software (you and king tut)

H: Um, well you mean get it by buying it or pirating it?

K: Pirating {What do you think?}

H: I gues not that much, but a little, he knows ppl who have

 rights to hand that stuff out so most of it is legit {What the
 fuck does that mean?!} , i mean I have a copy of phototshop  
 that is like the companies compy, and way we pirate a little,
 like if i get a game i might let him copy it, if he gibves me
 a copy of his game, or same thing with programs and stuff

K: Do you guys make free phone calls?

H: Oh, do mean like you call but it like somplace that should

 cost like 5 bucks an hour, but you do it so it costs 3 cents   
 an hour? {This kid doesn't even know what _FREE_ means!}

K: What do you mean?

H: Well like there are some kinda programs, that can like let you

 do that, or like tell you a special plan to do it, {Thats a  
 new one} but what did you mean by free phone calls?

K: Phone calls that don't cost anything.. {duh.}

H: oh wait i think i know what you mean, like where you call one

 termanal and from that call another in another country, and    
 like it get billed to the firt temranal?

K: From a boneheads point of view, right.. do you know what a PBX

 is? {Hey Genetic Mutation, no offense.. hehe}

H: well i think i've herd of it but i dont think i know what it


K: Oh okay.. do you know what a lamer is? {Eh eh eh}

H: No

K: Ask king tut.. he should know, he is one.. and so are you..

 do you know what phreaking is?

H: Freacking? {Freaking? Phraking? Preacking?}

K: Phreaking

H: Nooooooo

K: Do you plan on hacking until you get busted?? or mommy and

 daddy tell you to stop?

H: I dont think i'm gunna hack places that can trace, i'm not

 trying to undemind the goverment or anything

K: Oh.. would you ever use somebody elses credit card to get free

 stuff? {This is dangerous stuff!}

H: No are you one of those "net cops"? like my freind was hacking

 somthing minor and the "net cops" told him to knock it the     
 hell off or they'd cut his subscription {cut what            
 subscription? his cable subscription?}, you know those sort    
 of like really grouchy sysop types {Like Magic Man and Count 
 Zero!} who just hang aorund waiting to bust somebody.

K: Yeah right. Just stick to playing computer games…..

K: Do you think anything you or King Tut do could get you into


H: Probabaly, not but theres slim chance but as i said, i am

 still waiting for an account on the internet, but you cant     
 just guess at default paswords, you hafta get them from other  
 ppl, you cant just guess at the right addresseds, you have to  
 get them from ppl,

K: {Okay well its time to go, so…} Well buddy, that slim chance

 is here.. This is Agent John Ralfski with the Boston         
 Secret Service division of computer crime investigation,     
 and we plan on charging you with intent to break and enter   
 on computer systems, and aiding and abetting.

H: You cant bust me cause any screw ball could be using my

 account and any way i have never hacked in my life, just my    
 freind {Good job, tell on his friends, too} . i said i might 

K: {I feel like a genuine pig} Look don't tell me anything, tell

 the juvinile court judge. you are just wasting our time. now 
 will you cooperate with us, or are we going to have to go down
 to newton and make you?

H: What the hell do you want with me? i cant even use a computer.

 i didn't do anthing, i swear

K: You are under arrest.

H: sG>8INwwww

*** The other port just disconnected from the system.

I thought the end was kinda lame, but what the hell, it was worth it. Anyway, if you see this kid around, talk to him, you might learn how to win King's Quest V without even playing it, and how to make a $5 per hour call cost $.03 an hour!

                       Kingpin ~ RL   (Rest In Peace)
                                LoST (Rest In Peace)
                                      ^^^^-- It had to be said.
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