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[:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:] [:=:] [:=:] [:=:] New Wave presents… [:=:] [:=:] [:=:] [:=:] [:=:] [:=:] BBS CRASHING TECHNIQUES [:=:] [:=:] ————————- [:=:] [:=:] [:=:] [:=:] by Mr. Memorex 1/27/87 [:=:] [:=:] [:=:] [:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:][:=:]

  1. File Formatted for 80 columns like it or not -
   To start off with, I'd just like to say this file is a collection of the 

latest BBS crashes. Many people have grudges and reasons to 'crash' a bbs, well this file is served as an aid to them and also to sysops who want to prevent their own bbs' from being attacked. And that's enuff talk for now, let's get on with the good stuff (everything is in cookbook format for speedy reading).

[-=: Apple Net :=-]

1. Post a message (can be bbs,feedback,newuser etc.) 2. Press space bar util you get to the very last line (40th col.) 3. type ctrl-D 4. (after the word wrap to next line) Type any dos command (Preferrably FP) 5. get into editor ('/E') 6. list the program 7. You should be in basic or executing whatever dos command you entered

Requirements: - Must have wordwrap activated - 40 columns mode should be activated - Their must be a (L)ist command in the editor

[-=: Telecat 2.x & 3.0 :=-]


1. Go to the board section 2. Newscan the last board accessable 3. After the first message, type 'B' at the prompt (To jump to next board)

Results: - If it was the last board on the bbs, chances arethat will break into Basic - If not, then it will go on to the next board (which is handy and surpassess

the security level crap)


1. Post Message 2. Type a line of text 3. type ctrl-V

Results: - This should either hang the system or breakMnto basic - It is trying to center the line but it fucks up

[-=: GBBS Pro :=-]

Method 1:

1. Go the the editor 2. Hold down tab key 3. or press space and type ctrl-C

Method 2:

1. Upload to a full volume

Method 3:

1. read the userlist 2. hang up when it gets to the Sysop 3. call back and log on and you'll be a sysop

[-=: Proving Grounds :=-]

Method 1:

1. (On older versions) Enter decimal or negative numbers

Method 2:

1. Call board and enter the user number of a Remote sysop 2. Enter any bs for a pw 3. Do the same thing again (more garbage the 2nd time it asks) 4. Now enter your real number and pass 5. At the first input prompt type 'Remote' 6. This should give you the Remote Sysop menu and access

Notes: - Using Sysop's user# will give you 10 extra minutes on system - The second method works only on unmoded newer versions of Proving Grounds

Ok, well that about wraps it up. Remember, all these crashes work only on unmoded boards (which are on the most part run by leeches and geeks).

If you have any questions or more tips for Vol.2 then leave me mail on

Halifax 20megs (301)445/5897 or Eastern Alliance 10megs (201)327/5725

and where else you see me. Both are fine boards. Have Fun!

     This has been a New Wave production.  'Thunder from the east'

New Wave members as of now are: Mr. Memorex, Siva Chandra, the Dragon, Magical Man, and Digital Rebel. Expect more files, cracks and releases from New Wave

[————-<THE BAND>————–] Mistywood BBS/AE/CF……..818/335-5651 Mistywood BBS………..602/220-9363 The Wizards Guild……….409/696-8226 Den o/Crude Tort………..617/832-9229 [————————————-]

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