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- The 144BBS List is a collection of numbers reported as belonging to

 US BBSes with one or more lines supporting v.32bis, class and
 v.34 CONNECTs.

- 144BBS List is compiled and maintained by Ken Sukimoto, SysOp of the

 DownTown BBS as a service to DownTown BBS subscribers and other
 callers and is published on an irregular basis although we try to
 have a new release on the first of each month.

- 144BBS List is also available as a comma delimited file for those of

 you using BBS doors for online display and/or in need of info for
 database applications. This file is distributed as 144BBS.DB.



- This is not intended to be an advertising list. With the way BBS's

 change, there is no way I or most anyone else could keep up with
 software/hardware changes, doorways added/deleted, specialties of the
 BBS and other features that make a BBS unique. This would also make
 144BBS even larger than it currently is and just one more opportunity
 to be inaccurate.

- Although it is the goal, 144BBS is not comprehensive. I am quite sure

 there are a lot of BBS's that have been omitted - rather than attempt
 to guess at BBS names/numbers/cities and modem types, I am depending
 on reliable sources to submit these missing BBS's and accurate
 information about them.



- Since the content of 144BBS is for the most part public knowledge, no

 formal copyright for content is applied for.

- I'm not even sure that the name "144BBS" isn't already copyrighted;

 if it isn't, then that is the only copyright claimed.

- Rather than legalese and restrictions, I request common courtesy in

 the distribution of 144BBS List.

- No fee should be charged for 144BBS List other than normal system

 access requirements.



- 144BBS List is dedicated to the SysOps who install high speed modems,

 enabling users to access systems at higher and higher speeds. It is
 also dedicated to these same users who motivated the SysOps to
 install these modems through their contributions; material,
 inspirational and otherwise.

- Thanks go to the SysOps, Users and Administrators of U'NI Net,

 SmartNet, MajorNet and Intelec for their help and the use of their
 networks to gather information for this list.



- When distributing this list, do not rename 144BBS.DB or 144BBS.TXT! - Most BBSes don't like unarchived text files, so if archived, name the

 archive "144DB-a#.ext" or "144BBSa#" where:
  a  = alpha designator - A=Jan; B=Feb; C=Mar; L=Dec
  #  = the last number of the year; 1994 = 4, 19955 = 5
 ext = whatever extension the archiving program defaults to.
 The December, 1994 release will be named 144BBSL4.ZIP (using PKZIP to
 archive) as an example of the naming convention.

- Please note - many systems listed are multi-line or multi-node and

 their inclusion on this list does not mean the number listed has that
 particular setup available. Some BBSes are subscription and reserve
 the high speed lines for subscribers only.

- The 144BBS archives on The DownTown BBS and those directly uploaded

 by KEN SUKIMOTO are archived using the PKZIP -AV authencity
 validation option. When extracted, the -AV information should display
 The Downtown BBS name and the # AIN871 registration.

- The DownTown BBS is currently a 16 line Worldgroup system with access

 on your first call to download 144BBS. See the file 144PICK.UP for
 the procedure.



                            Modem Type Legend

VFC = 14.4k v.32bis/28.8 class V32B = 14,400 CCITT v.32bis V32T = 19,200 AT&T v.32terbo V34 = 28.8k ITU-T/v.32bis V34E = v.34/ class/v.32terbo (aka "v.everything") V34F = v.34/ class V34+ = v.34 with additional 31.2k and 33.6k capabilities


- Because these numbers have not been verified, the Compiler of 144BBS

 will not be responsible for erroneous information.

- Inclusion/exclusion of a BBS is NOT an endorsement/condemnation of

 the BBS.



- If you should find a number on the list that is NOT a modem number,

 please notify the DownTown BBS so it can be noted & removed from our

- If there is an error or if a BBS updates/modifies modem[s], please

 contact the DownTown BBS.

- If you are a SysOp and wish to be included in the next release of

 144BBS, please use the program and procedure contained in the
 SUBMIT.ZIP file archived in the 144BBS.ZIP file. After filling out
 the information, you can call the DownTown BBS and leave your board
 info in private e-mail addressed to User_ID "Sysop" with the subject
 of "144BBS" or you can send the information to one of the addresses
 below via Net or US Mail.

- Please do not send public messages to KEN SUKIMOTO on networks with

 your correction, new entry or comment. If I see the message, I will
 attempt to act upon the information, but many networks frown upon or
 prohibit sending PUBLIC messages for this purpose. I will not
 acknowledge receiving those messages.

- The preferred methods of contact are either by direct e-mail on my

 system or I can be reached by PRIVATE e-mail on several networks that
 offer this feature. The networks and my address on them are listed

- 144BBS.DB or 144BBS.TXT should not be modified to modify/add/delete



                              THE DOWNTOWN BBS
                              LOS ANGELES,  CA
                [3/12/24/96/14.4k bps v.32bis & 16.8k ZyXEL]
             US Robotics v.34/v.fc/v.everything lines available
              Telnet to (IP Address
                       15 Gigabytes of Adult Graphics
                 7 Gigabytes of Hard Drive Library Storage
                 10+ Gigabytes on 18 CD-ROM Disks, On-line
                            US-SnailMail Address
                                DownTown BBS
                       1008 N. Rosemont Avenue; #113
                         Los Angeles, CA 90026-3032
                          Network E-mail Addresses
                         MajorNet: Sysop@DWN
                         Internet: Sysop@dwntwn.Com


                             [End of File]
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