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1. Thou shalt love thy BBS

  with all thy heart and all
  thy bytes.

2. Love thy hacker as thyself

3. Thou shalt not POST IN ALL


4. Honor thy Sysop and Co-sysop.

5. Thou shalt not covet thy

  neighbor's password.

6. Thou shalt delete thy own mail.

7. Thou shalt keep thy foul

  language to thyself.

8. Thou shalt not attempt to crash

  thy BBS, for thou shalt be cast
  out from the sanctuary of thy
  hobby and must repent by doing
  40 days and 40 nights of
  penance on voice-only systems.

9. Thou shalt not occupy thy BBS

  with thine silly arguments,
  for verily I say unto thee that
  thou shall maketh an electronic
  fool of thyself.

10. Thou shalt not violate applic-

  able state/federal laws that
  doth affect BBS communications,
  or thy will face the rath of
  thy judicial system.

11. Thou shalt download at 1200 baud or faster so as not to tie up

  the phone lines unnecessarily...

12. Thou shalt upload as thou downloadest… 

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