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               Converting Apple IIGS Icons to Clip Art
                         by Marty Knight

Materials needed:

 Icons - available from AGR or AUT
 C1 Pic Saver CDA - available from APR
 DIcEd Desktop Icon Editor v1.2 - available from AUT
 SHRConvert v2.1 (to change filetype) - available from AGR
 Paint program that will handle 640 mode graphics

Procedure: 1. Collect the necessary materials.

2. Install C1 Pic Saver CDA by copying it to your */SYSTEM/DESK.ACCS folder and rebooting. It will appear on the CDA menu as SHR C1 Saver. This CDA will take a "snapshot" of the SHR screen and save it to your disk. The name of the file will be something like Screen.x where x is a number. Each file you save will be 65 blocks long, so be sure your disk has enough room. You can save at most 20 pictures with this CDA. If you need to save more, you must rename the Screen.x files and reboot. Do not use this CDA if the SHR screen is not visible.

3. Launch DIcEd Desktop Icon Editor.

4. Open your first icon file. It should look something like Figure 1.

5. Resize the window so it is as small as possible while still leaving the icon fully visible. Then move the window to the upper left corner of the screen so that it looks like Figure 2.

6. Open another icon file, resize its window, and move it up next to the first window. Place the windows close to each other, but not so close that the icons overlap. Continue doing this until the screen is filled. You should be able to fit about 12 icons on one screen as shown in Figure 3.

7. Access the CDA menu (OA-control-Esc) and select the SHR C1 Saver CDA. Your disk will spin as a snapshot of the DIcEd screen is saved to disk. The first picture saved will be called Screen.0, the second picture saved will be called Screen.1, and so on up to Screen.9. After ten pictures are saved the pictures will be saved using the names Screen.10, Screen.20, and so on up to Screen.90.

8. Close all the DIcEd windows (press OA-K for each one), and repeat the process until you run out of icons or space on the disk.

9. Now launch SHR Convert. Select "Change file attributes" from the File Menu.

10. Select the first screen saved (Screen.0) with the CDA. When you select it, you will see a screen like the one shown in Figure 4. Notice that the New filetype is highlighted and says BIN. This is what you will change.

11. Type "$C1" into the New filetype field. When you are done, it will look like Figure 5. Press Return.

12. Repeat the process for each of your saved screens.

13. Now you can launch your favorite paint program and edit the screens. You should delete all parts of the screen except the icon graphics. Then rearrange the graphics to pack as many as you can onto one screen. You will probably want to copy and paste icon graphics from some of the other screens. Remember to save each picture back to disk when you are done. I find HyperStudio an excellent program for this kind of work. I can edit the screens individually and group the graphics together. Then I can add whole groups of icon graphics as clip art.

14. You're finished. You now have a lot of small graphics that make excellent buttons for HyperStudio. They are also great for use as clip art on page layouts.

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