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Path: news1.icaen!!!!!!!!!!!!!gudath From: Newsgroups: comp.sys.apple2 Subject: FAST EDDIE 1.0b1 - Q & A's Message-ID: Date: 22 Dec 96 13:40:07 MET Organization: University of Basel, Switzerland Lines: 139

Fast Eddie (possibly) Frequently Asked Questions

1. Registration

We have signed up at Kagi Shareware, a service specialized in 

processing shareware fees. Kagi is collecting shareware fees for us. However, Kagi is NOT offering any kind of customer support. All comments, suggestions and problems concerning registration codes should directly go to Fast Eddie Labs. In order to get the quickest possible answer, you should _always_ send your e-mails to _both_ authors, namely and .

Q: What's the difference between the unregistered and the registered
A: The only difference is the 15 minutes limit. After working with
   Eddie for 15 minutes, the program displays a message and quits.
Q: How do I register?
A: The Fast Eddie archive includes a Register application. Please
   fill in the boxes, choose a method of payment and forward this
   form to Kagi Shareware. How to contact Kagi is explained in the
   Fast Eddie Read Me.
   IMPORTANT: when starting up, Fast Eddie displays a serial code.
   You should send this code along with a text copy of your order
   to _and_ . As
   soon as we receive a confirmation from Kagi, we will forward
   you your registration code per e-mail. Please keep this code in
   a safe place.
Q: This is confusing. What exactly do I have to do to register?
A: - start Eddie and write down the serial code in the shareware
   - quit Eddie
   - start the Register application
   - fill in the order form
   - save the order as a text file or in the clipboard
   - forward the order form to Kagi as explained in the Read Me.
     Keep in mind that some methods of payment can only be sent
     via snail mail and not e-mail or fax, or vice versa. The Read
     Me will tell you.
   - Upon sending Kagi the order form, send an email to _and_ with
     a) a text copy of the order you sent to Kagi
     b) your SERIAL CODE
     c) your complete snail mail and e-mail address
Q: Funny, I registered Fast Eddie but it reverts to the
   unregistered version.
A: Please forward your old registration code and the serial
   number printed in the shareware notice to
   _and_ . We will check the code and, if
   necessary, send you a new one for free.
   Please do not contact Kagi Shareware if you encounter problems
   with registration unless you have questions regarding your
Q: Is this fee valid for all upcoming versions of Fast Eddie?
A: Yes.
Q: Why should I pay a shareware fee for a *beta*?
A: This is a good point. We believe that the current release provides
   enough functionality in order to use it as a game console or
   productivity tool.
Q: Do you have special pricing for schools?
A: Yes, e-mail for details

2. Support

Q: Are you actually interested in any kind of feedback?
Q: Could you send me a ROM image?
A: Sorry, no. We are not allowed to distribute ROM images.
Q: I sent you an e-mail, but got no response. You guys suck!
A: I don;t know how much e-mails we will get, but it is probable that
   we will get more mails than we can handle.
Q: So, I don't own a Apple IIgs and can't make a ROM dump.
A: You are only allowed to use ROM dumps with Fast Eddie if you
   also own a "physical", non-virtual Apple IIgs.
Q: I have a few suggestions regarding improvements. What are the
   chances that you put my suggestions on your to-do list?
A: 99%
Q: Do you offer on-line support?
A: Yes and no. We expect you to read the enclosed documentation, but
   if you still have questions feel free to contact us. We are also
   monitoring comp.sys.apple2 and comp.emulators.apple2.
Q: comp.sys.apple2? I heard this newsgroup is an alias of alt.flame.
A: Hmm, that's correct. And we make use of FlameStation, although
   only on Eddie-users with unregistered versions. :-D

3. Other issues

Q: What do I need in order to run Fast Eddie?
A: You need a Power Mac (any), 640x480 display with 256 colors,
   a ROM image (ROM 1 or 3), and Apple IIgs software.
Q: This thing is dog-slow.
A: Then your Mac is dog-slow. :)
   Seriously, Fast Eddie is running at 3Mhz and above with pure C 


   that is not optimized by the compiler. I don't think this is slow.
Q: I don't understand. Why is it not optimized?
A: Because the compiler goes belly up while optimizing the CPU
Q: My old 601/66Mhz PowerPC is emulating faster than my supercool
   portable 603e/100 Mhz. What the hell are you doing?
A: Some 603e systems do not have level 2 cache that greatly speeds up
   Fast Eddie. Also, 603e systems are often built on low-performance
   mamaboards. Lastly, Fast Eddie has been compiled specifically for
   601 PowerPC chips.
Q: And when can I expect a faster version?
A: Soon. We will add hand-crafted assembly code soon.
Q: Hey, and what about IWM emulation?
A: IWM emulation *is* actually mostly done (and even part of this
   beta!), but two things are missing so we have disabled it. Coming
Q: Iiik, and 1-bit sound, 5.25" disks and serial ports?
A: How embarassing. It's in the pipeline, promised.
Q: Why did you write Fast Eddie?
A: Our GS monitors turned very fuzzy recently, making it hard to read
   Merlin-16 code.
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