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Apple-Net BBS Software

« Latest version of Apple-Net is 2.3F. Please note that pirated copies that

 you may have seen going around are NOT guaranteed to work.  Only the latest
 version, purchased directly from us, is guarenteed to work as follows! >>

Apple-Net will run on any Apple +, e or c with at least one disk drive and a modem. Apple-Net supports the Novation Apple Cat (at 300/1200 baud), Hayes Micromodem II and IIe, and the Apple Super Serial Card w/Smartmodem compatibles (at 300/1200/2400 with a slight serial-cable hardware modification which is thoroughly explained in the documentation). All DOS 3.3 compatible disk drives are supported–you can configure Apple-Net for one floppy drive, 6 floppy drives, or even a hard drive. (A ProDOS version of Apple-Net will be available soon–if you wish to be notified upon its release, leave [F]eedback to the Sysop with your name & address to let him know). The nicest thing about Apple-Net, as many Sysops around the country keep telling me, is its ease of setup & use. Apple-Net was designed with the Sysop in mind. Everything is menu-driven and easy to use. For example, to add seperate boards for different topics, the Sysop just selects the Bulletin Board Editor, and enters the name of each board, the access level, and the drive where each board is located. The BBS then creates a board menu automatically and takes care of all the housekeeping. The same goes for General Files & Downloads. Features of Apple-Net include: o Extensive Electronic Mail section o Infinite number of sub-boards o Downloading of programs o Uploading of files o Complete message editor o User password protection o Sub-menu'ed Feature Articles o Fast "Word Wrap" in Editor o Old message auto-deletion o "Slash" message editor commands o "Trick backspacing" in msgs. o Configurable "Spinning Cursor" o Full upper/lowercase ability o Easy-to-use Sysop utilities o Reliable carrier-loss detection o Easy and quick to set-up Apple-Net BBS is guaranteed to never be "crashed" by anyone. The program is very sound, and any attempted "system crashers" are simply hung-up on by the system. Apple-Net, unlike other BBS programs such as GBBS, is also guaranteed to contain no "back-door". This was done for obvious reasons. Apple-Net comes on a double sided disk with the programs on the front, and complete, comprehensive documentation on the back side which can be viewed on your computer screen or dumped out to your printer. Updates may be made to Apple-Net periodically (minor modifications, bug fixes, new features, etc.) and will be announced on The Safehouse BBS. You may receive any updates tha are made to the program, free, by sending your Apple-Net disk and a dollar (for postage/handling). I know its difficult to purchase software by just reading about it. If you would like to see Apple-Net in action, you may want to try one of these bulletin board systems currently running Apple-Net: Stronghold North…612/588-7865 MCMLXXXV………..612/729-1985 Chemist's Lab……602/577-1157 Black Fortress…..516/549-0268 GolfSoft BBS…….612/941-8519 Gnome's Gnoll……206/334-0223 Entertainment……507/282-8993 The Grotto………218/727-2184 (Note that some of these BBS's may have made some minor modifications to the actual Apple-Net software which makes them a bit different.) If you would like to purchase a copy of Apple-Net, just mail $55 (check, cash, or money order) to: Dataware Corp. P.O. Box 17104 Mpls, MN 55417 Your order will be shipped the day after it is received. Please indicate the type of computer and modem you will be using for your BBS, and the phone number that your BBS will be available at (if possible). [<1-7>, ?=Menu, Q=Quit] : 

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