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To install the chip, Unplug your Cat from your Apple and the phone line. There should be a large, empty 24 pin socket near the upper-right corner of the card, directly below the four switches. This is where you'll plug in the chip. One end of the chip should have a small notch or identification on top of it. Turn the chip so the notched end is to the left. Very carefully insert the chip into the socket being sure that all the pins are going in their corresponding holes.


1. Optional 212 board installed (up)

 or not installed (down)

2. Rotary (up) or Touch Tone (down)


3. Phone mode (up) or Modem mode (down)

 Modem mode = half duplex, 300 baud
 and on-hook.

4. Printer speed 300 baud (up) or

 1200 baud (down).


Ctrl-A Ctrl-Q - Begin dialing Ctrl-A Ctrl-Z - Hang up Ctrl-A Ctrl-F - Enter full duplex

              terminal mode

Ctrl-A Ctrl-H - Enter half duplex

              terminal mode

Ctrl-A Ctrl-X - Exit terminal mode Ctrl-A Ctrl-1 - 110 baud Ctrl-A Ctrl-2 - 1200 baud Ctrl-A Ctrl-3 - 300 baud Ctrl-A Ctrl-P - Enter phone mode Ctrl-A Ctrl-O - Enter modem mode


Ctrl-O Chr$(15) - Enter phone mode Ctrl-P Chr$(16) - Enter modem mode Ctrl-Z Chr$(26) - Hang up the phone Ctrl-Q Chr$(17) - Dial the phone Only from phone mode: Ctrl-C Chr$( 3) - Cassette motor on Ctrl-E Chr$( 5) - Cassette motor off Ctrl-I Chr$( 9) - Ignore ctrl charrs


The first time you use your Apple Cat after turning the machine on, the firmware goes through several initial- ization routines, including reading the status of the switches, placing the card out of terminal mode, and setting the speed of your modem to 300 baud. This information is then stored in memory, and is remembered even after you press reset. From time to time you may want to force the Apple Cat firm- ware to go through the initializing again (e.g. if you change a switch on the card or press 'reset' while you are in terminal mode). This can be done by the BASIC command (either from program or directly) of POKE 2040+ (the Apple Cat slot #),0. For example, if your card is plugged into slot two, you must do a POKE 2042,0. If this is done before a PR#2 or an IN#2, the card will think that it's the first time you've talked to it today.


If you have a 212 card, it must be configured for solitaire mode, which means the chip labeled "Z9" must be removed from its socket. Also, you must set the option switches on the 212 board as follows:

#1 - off #2 - on #3 - on #4 - on #5 - on

This will tell the 212 card that you are using the standard ten bits per character format (one start bit, one stop bit, and eight data bits). You may configure the 212 card for nine bits per character by turning switch one on and switch two off.

Connect the eleven pin ribbon between the 212 card and the Apple Cat and insert the 212 card into any open slot in your Apple.

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