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..The Pirates Hold..

From The Undertaker and the Vandal;

A little help for those that need it! The Passwords to all the terminals on the first 6 levels. These aren't clues, but the real thing. Clue list later, I am having too much fun to worry about the rest of you now!

Alien Mind Password List;

Clues;                                          Passwords;

1. Something I sent you. Telegram

2. Color of ancient Earth's seas. Aqua

3. A bed for a lazy afternoon. Hammock

4. Something a sun gives off. Radiation

5. What do you need info on? Elevator

6. Name of Aaron's Wife. Judy

7. Ancient Seductress. Siren

8. Greeting. Biologist HO!

9. A scale (musical). CDEFGAB

10. Goes thru water without getting wet. Light

11. Who to call. Bio-Lab

12. A musical Hat. Sombrero

13. A liquid that holds water. Glass

14. Roman numeral for 1,174. MCLXXIV

15. An Audio tool. Ear

16. A visual enhancer. Telescope

17. Legendary Continent. Alantis

18. Project we last worked on together Transit

19. Life giving fountain

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