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This Small basic Program will Allow you to detect if the "CyberAids Virus" has infected any or some of your system files. This will only detect for the specific "CyberAids Virus" found on Plus and a now Increasing rapidly amount of other simuliar infected sys type files. Note: "CyberAids Virus" does NOT infect Prodos.You may further check your root volume by the following commands:

            ]bload /yourvol,a$2000,tdir
            ]0  <-- This should be the result!!

If the result is any number other than 0 than its a good guess that your volume has been infected. You can save it by Block editing $21ff back to 0…Maybe.

I hope this helps. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

The Chemist The Lab bbs 604-Labhaha

      Sending File

Sending BatchHeaderBlockDataFinalAckStartupNameEOFTimeoutMismatchFailureLast Send Was OKLast Send FailedL LbL­,ºÚ© …„œŒ²œ†²¢È© ÔF ZWaiting for Receiver­å‡…n­æ‡…o©…pdq LÓ °ø¢ž²èú©ÿª²¥…)𩍪²

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