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  Why I prefer Textfiles      2/27/87
     - Jason Scott -          Written during an illness.
Being the owner of one of the largest Textfile Clearinghouses in the US, I've

been asked a few times why I prefer textfiles over anything else for computers. So, I decided to put my reasons into a textfile (Wraparound city) and exaplin to you my reasons:

  Textfiles won't erase yer Hard Drive, then print "HeyHey EATME!"
  Textfiles don't require a joystick.
  Textfiles don't make you rely on your hand-eye coordination at 3:00am.
  Textfiles never have to worry about compatibility, or DOS versions.
  Textfiles don't feature little green things on the screen named "Glorks".
  Textfiles don't become "Old Warez" in 3 days.
  You can change one byte in a textfile, and the computer won't crash.
  Textfiles don't take up a whole disk every time.
  Textfiles don't require 4-color advertising in COMPUTE!
  Textfiles don't need programs, but most programs need textfiles.
  Textfiles can be drastically changed in a matter of minutes.
  Textfiles won't watch you log on, and copy your password to a secret file.
  Textfiles are cheap, or free.
  Textfiles won't do anything if you're not there.
  Textfiles don't need to be compiled.
  Textfiles don't can run at any speed you want.
  You can tell how good or bad a textfile is, AS you're downloading.
  Textfiles don't make sounds in the middle of the night, while your parents
  are sleeping in the next room.
  If you take your eyes away from a textfile, it won't go "GAME OVER".
  Textfiles don't bring out hidden surprises.
  You can bring textfiles to school, and the teacher won't accuse you of
  being a pirate. [Usually. My old Computer Teacher took away some Blue Box
  plans I was printing on the school computer. Fuck him.]
  You can read textfiles during a blackout, with a flashlight.
  You won't be accused of being a nerd if you have textfiles in your school
  notebook [Unless you're Scott B. (Heh)]
  Everyone can use a textfile on the first try.

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