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   A phone conversation between a cool pirate, and this 15 year old Spermin'

Bermin'/Jeff Spicolli wanna be.

<Pirate dialing the Digital Dumpster> :AE: Number? DUMP-STER AE: Dialing: D..U..M..P..S..T..E..R AE: Waiting to connect…

<Ring….ring….ring….ring….Pirate goes voice>

<Pantheon's dad> : Hello?

<Pirate> : Yeah, Is this a board?

<Pantheon's dad> : Umm.. Ya! My son, the System operator is with his girlfriend.

<Background> : Daddie! daddie! Is it for me daddie? I can still get my pants on in time!

<Pantheon's daddie> : Oops! He is home..hold..

<Pirate waits for about 1 minute while hearing giggling and zippers opening/ closing in the background>

<Pantheon's voice is now heard> : Hello? Why are you calling my board?

<Pirate> : What?

<Pantheon> : Oh, I thought this was Strider the Ranger. Damn, I thought he was going to meet me at the movies..SHIT! Never mind that.. anyway, what do you want?

<Pirate> : Well, I wanted to suggest some things that may benefit the board, and….

<Pantheon interupts> : Hey! My board is totally tubular to my maxi-pad…slip of the tongue…Don't mess with the Digital mean the Digital mean the Digital Dime…..Dimens…….<waits for about 30 seconds> Dimension!!!

<Pirate> : Oh… Well, if you feel that way, I'm sorry if I offended you, but I thought it would be a nice addition, if you would make it so that the new users COULD log on to your board, since it says "Oops! System error. Bye.", when they try.

<Pantheon> : What for? I don't need any new users! Me, and Adam Bomb are the only people in the world that matter in my life, next to Strider and I/0 ErRoR!

<Pirate> : Hmmm…. Isn't Adam Bomb a loser?

<Pantheon> : Can I t..te..tell you a gnarly secret?

<Pirate> : Whatever.. Go ahead…

<Pantheon> : C0oL! Did you know that…er…well…maybe I shouldn't tell you. Nah, you are not stupid, are you? ADAM BOMB and me…THE SAME PERSON!!!

<Pirate> : Oh Really? That's nice.. Hmmm.. That means that… <Laughter in background ..ha..ha.ha..ah ha ha ha> Ohh.. er… I'm sorry, the dog licked my balls, and it reminded me of how The Gonif was Spermin', and you be….. a LOSER!!

<Pantheon> : Hey, don't pick Spermin' and me! I am not a loser! Just the fact that I have never had a computer, until I purchased this one from Controller <who was a cool sysop> doesn't mean that I am a dumbshit, and that I can't program!

<Pirate> : Well, I don't really mind about name thing… How about putting in an adventure game? A dungeon perhaps?

<Pantheon> : How would you do that? You couldn't get 5 people on the line at the same time, so it would never work!!

<Pirate> : <More laughter…ahahaha haaa ha ha> Well, you could always have the users fight other users or monsters, and then save the results, for a later encounter….

<Pantheon> : Hmm…<You can hear his brain working in the background..a very musty, unused sound..takes about 3 minutes, in which time the pirate puts a pizza with pineapples in the oven> Well…um…wait, <more thinking!> Hmm..that might work, but would be a real bitch…


<Pantheon> : Umm..shit..


<Pantheon> : Geez…<Whoops..Wrong word!>

<Pantheon> : Golly-be-jeepers! I can't talk anymore, my mommie and my brother are cuming in here wearing their bondage clothes again! I will be forced to have torid 3-way anal sex with a shaven Vagabond, and two Spermin look-a-likees, and be forced to spend 5 minutes in John de la Garza pants!!!

<Pirate is now crying in fear, wondering how any sub-human can handle such pain, blood, and Vagabond's face!>

<Pirate> : Uhhh…Uhh.. Should I call back later?

<Pantheon> : No, it happens regularly…my mommie's gone now, and my brother, uhh..the what's his name? The rapist…no…The Walk in Killer, will be out tonight, and I have to go with him just to make sure that when he gets his balls licked by the girls, that he doesn't get a hard on… because it wouldn't be fair, if he had fun, while I was just watching his dick..and wishing!

<Pirate> : Hmmm.. What is your voice number, since I did call your board, and we've had this LONG conversation…..In which you've told me your life story…..

<Pirate hears ponding, scratching, licking, fanatical laughter, cum squirting, and other obscene noises coming from the phone..>

<Pantheon, gasping for air> : <Panting…> 714-768-678…<line goes dead, but the pirate got it!>

Stay tuned for the mystical number one…Oops!..damn! I didn't mean to tell you…..oh well..just don't tell anyone! Okay?

Signing off for not the last time to come…

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